Hospitals & Clinics

Medpark Hospital

In this hospital project we acheived the standarts of Europe, althouth the architectural design was adapted to the regional standards by the local architects. The whole project was designed in a contemporary manner, thus for the ground level floor covering granite is preferred whereas on the other areas PVC floor coverings were used.

Hotels & Resorts

Marriott Courtyard Hotel

The Courtyard Hotel Chisinau is the second international brand hotel after Radisson BLU Leogrand Hotel Chisinau in Moldova. Courtyard Chisinau is a very unique hotel with its architectural features. The building brings a sophisticated and timeless design understanding of the city. As of these strong influences, the interior language is chosen to be modern, chic, and timeless.

Houses & Residences

Koordinat Çayyolu Houses

Koordinat Çayyolu one of the best Property project in its region. The project has 14 pcs 1+1, 160pcs 2+1, 98pcs 3+1 and 102pcs 4+1, 53pcs 5+1 houses total of 427 flats in a total of 112.000m2.

Although the sales office is designed in a temporary area, it has a structure dominating the view of the entire construction area which also includes 3+1 and 5+1 apartments. The sales office is designed to be enjoyed on the hillside with the most enjoyable view of the place where the apartments are promoted as well as the name of the project. The building, which aims to sell life experiences rather than an apartment, has been designed to include artistic events and exhibitions.

Administration & Ministry Buildings

Undersecretarıes For Defense Industrıes

The UDI building, which is possibly the most assertive public building that has been constructed in the capital city recently, accommodates many local and foreign visitors. In this project, where we had the privilege of working with Uz Mimarlık, which won the contest organized for its construction, we managed to create interior spaces which are extremely harmonious with the architectural understanding.

Offices & Company Buildings

Alacer Gold & Anagold HQ

Our employer and the project investor ALACER GOLD Corp. is a leading low-cost gold producer, with an 80% interest in the world-class Çöpler Gold Mine in Turkey operated by Anagold Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.(“Anagold”), and the remaining 20% owned by Lidya Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (“Lidya Mining”).
The Corporation’s primary focus is to leverage its cornerstone Çöpler Mine and strong balance sheet to maximize portfolio value and free cash flow, minimize project risk, and therefore, create maximum value for shareholders.